Beauty Essentials For On The Go!


From Left to Right// Primer//Lorac // Tinted Moisturizer//Laura Mercier// Bronzer//Laura Mercier// Mascara// Chanel// Eye Lash Curler//Laura Mercier// Eye Primer//Laura Mercier// Eye Brow Powder//Damone Roberts

Happy middle of the week all!  I’m getting ready for my trip and thought I’d share with you my beauty essentials when on the go, for those days I just don’t have much time to get ready and especially for the weekends when I just want to have SOMETHING on my face so I look somewhat decent!  🙂  I want to first thank my friend and makeup artist, Ashley (visit her website for makeup, beauty tips and more at Makeovermyworld) for teaching me most of what I’ve learned about makeup along the way!   I am by no means an expert in this field but this is one of my routines!

1. I start with Primer always.  I especially like this Lorac one in particular because it is free of oil, silicone, perfume and parabens!  I have sensitive skin so it’s a must for me to find one with out a lot of this stuff.  Everyone’s skin is different, however.  It will make your makeup stay put plus gives you some added moisturizer which is a plus!

2. For days when I’m in a hurry I like to use something light yet gives me a little color!  I like this Laura Mercier one in nude!

3. I have rather fair skin so I always like using a little bronzer to give me color which I like to apply just under and around the check bones and frame my faces with it, as I like to say (on the outside of the forehead and jaw line).

4. I like my Chanel mascara (currently using) but there are many others that are great out there!  To go along with lashes, I absolutely swear by this Laura Eye Lash Curler!  (I thank Ashley tremendously for showing me this thing) It get’s close to the lash line for the perfect curl!

5. Another item I’m addicted to is this Laura Eye Primer.  It is tinted and takes any redness color out of the eye for a flawless look.  I use this alone at times when I don’t have time for eyeshadow, or needless to say as a primer underneath my eyeshadow.

6. Last but CERTAINLY not least is BROWS!  It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I learned how important it is to not forget your brows!  It is so important for framing the face and completing your look.  I like to use this Damone Roberts powder vs. a pencil.  It fills them in just enough without making them look like I’ve drawn them in!  Also, don’t forget to find a wonderful esthetician or brow specialist, they too may carry these products!  I love mine here in Nebraska.  He has transformed my brows amazingly!

I hope you find this helpful!  🙂  Don’t forget to follow my trip on Instagram @lattesandleather ❤

Let me know of any great beauty products/tips you use when in a hurry or on the go!  🙂

XO, Amanda

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