Favorite Casual Go to’s

I recently got back from a mini visit back to one of my happy places (and second home), Phoenix.  It was super nice and in the 80's the first couple days.  One reason I love Phoenix is the comfortable weather (obvi), which also leads me to the point of this post!  I LOVE comfy/casual wear… Continue reading Favorite Casual Go to’s


Love You a Latte!

It's loooove month, so why not a post with this fun "love you a latte" shirt!  Such a cute and clever little saying, I must say!  🙂 I actually received this shirt as a Christmas gift and what better time to wear it than now.  Thought I'd share a few pics on how I styled… Continue reading Love You a Latte!



Hello lovlies!  It's been a bit since I've posted.  I wanted to talk to you about these cute little boxes of jewelry called Rocksbox!  Not only do I love getting jewelry every month straight to my mailbox (who wouldn't), but it's a great way to try out different jewelry that you might not otherwise buy… Continue reading Rocksbox